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Argonaut Systems offers marketing, sales & business development consulting including market research, web site design & development, powerpoint presentation development and photos to DVD slideshow conversions.

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bulletMarket Research
Typical Products--pressure sensors, class 8 truck digital bus systems, computer graphics triple DACs with lookup tables, intelligent video cameras, video digitizers, solid state disk drives, PCB drilling machine LAN, fiber optic components

bulletWeb Site Design & Development
Design New Sites--Increase your companies visibility through the world wide web with your own web site.
Redesign Existing Sites--Your existing web site can be remodeled and new pages, features, etc. added.

bulletPowerpoint Development
Make your custom presentations with the most popular presentation program.

bulletPhotos to DVD
Create great looking DVDs with your photos and videos that can be shown on your TV. Include audio and slide motion as well as various transistions between slides for eye-catching photo presentations.

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Free Internet!

Totally free Internet is available today--connect to the Internet for free; communicate via a free email address; create your own web site on the Internet at no cost; read RSS news and blogs for free; read and post on Usenet Newsgroups at no cost; send large files and photos to friends for free; share photos online for free.

Dialup Internet access is an old technology, but for those that still cannot get broadband, or simply cannot afford the cost, free dial-up service is available. You can access free, local phone numbers from nearly everywhere in California, Delaware, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania to connect to the Internet at fastfreedialup. Free dialup is also available in many states as well as in Canada, the UK, etc. Start your search for free dial-up in your area at thefreesite.

A fundamental application on the Internet is email. There are a myriad of free email providers on the Internet. One of the largest free email services is Gmail by Google. Gmail has lots of handy features, including spam protection, an integrated chat feature, mobile phone access, automatic mail forwarding, POP3 and IMAP access. The Gmail interface supports 40 languages. There are many other free email providers available in addition to Google.

You can, of course, pay for your own domain name and pay for a host for your own web site. If you cannot afford these costs you can still have your own web site without cost to you and without intrusive advertising. Three web sites that offer free web hosting are 50webs, atspace and awardspace. All of these sites are advertising free, i.e., they do not place ads on your site. All three sites are FTP accessible. Disk space provided is 60 MB (no bandwidth limit), 50 MB (no bandwidth limit) and 200 MB (bandwidth limited to 5 GB/month) respectively.

The Internet is a vast source of information. You can view web sites with a browser. You can subscribe to email newsletters. Using your web browser to view many sites takes time to load each site and then you often have to sift through the page to find the new data you are seeking. Email is a convenient method to obtain the information you desire, but it comes along with a whole lot of spam email that you don't want. A new means of getting your information without the drawbacks of visiting a multitude of web sites or wading through tons of email is welcome. The basis for this model is an XML-based format known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. Altough many web browsers now include the ability to read RSS you can get many free RSS readers rss-specifications.

Usenet is a worldwide electronic discussion network of newsgroups started in 1979 by two Duke graduate students. Blogs, RSS feeds as well as Facebook and Twitter have made online communication more user-friendly since the days of Usenet. Although the number of Usenet servers is declining you can still access these newsgroups for free using is a free Usenet Server that does not require registration. Use the Hostname in a free Usenet reader that you can find at cnet.

We often want to send large files and/or photos to our friends via the Internet. The first impulse is to just attach these large files to an email. Many email providers balk at sending a multi-megabyte file as an attachment. There is a simple and free solution to this problem. Instead of attaching the large file to an email you can upload to free web sites and have your friend(s) download the file(s) from the site. Find some of these free service sites at friedbeef.

The advent of digital cameras has made taking pictures free and easy. We want to share our masterpiece photos with friends and the world. We can do this at no cost at a number of web sites such as Picasa, Photobucket and Flickr. Each of these photo sharing sites have different features. A review of some additional sites can be viewed at cnet.

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